PIND Foundation: Journalism Grant for Peacebuilding and Economic Development in the Niger Delta

PIND Foundation: Journalism Grant for Peacebuilding and Economic Development in the Niger Delta

Media Insight’s Oak Center for Journalism Development is supporting PIND Foundation to implement its first journalism grant in the Niger Delta.

The grant was setup by PIND Foundation to support media organizations that face financial constraints in news production. The grant is aimed at encouraging media personnel and organizations to develop innovative ideas that could help change the Niger Delta narrative.

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PIND is a Nigerian non-profit Foundation established in 2010 with initial funding by Chevron Corporation to support a portfolio of socio-economic development programs for Nigeria’s Niger Delta in order to improve standards of living of communities in the region. PIND supports projects in collaboration with a diverse range of donor partners including bilateral and multi-lateral aid agencies, federal and state government agencies in Nigeria, private companies and foundations. With an overarching goal of increasing income and employment in the region, the Foundation has four distinct but interrelated program areas. They are:

  • An economic development program focused on generating opportunities for pro-poor market development and employment generation.
  • A capacity building program that will build the service delivery and engagement capacity of government, civil society and communities.
  • A peace-building program that strengthens conflict resolution mechanisms for enabling integrated peace and economic growth.
  • An analysis & advocacy program that improves analysis and understanding of systemic constraints to growth in the Niger Delta region.

Grant background

The Niger Delta has suffered an overwhelming emphasis on negative reporting. This can be found not only in newspapers, but also in news content from radio and television stations.

Since news from the Internet mirrors content from the traditional news platforms, such emphasis on negative reporting has also dominated the internet space. Why? Many journalists are familiar with the old newsroom adage — “If it bleeds, it leads.” A typical explanation is that negative news sells more. What many do not realize is that the Niger Delta audience is not only interested in negative news, but other insights into the dynamics of the region.

With several development partners working in the Niger Delta, there are many ways in which the media can support their interventions and help shape the Niger Delta narrative through development reporting, investigations, amplifications of issues and application of solution journalism.

Grant Objective

At a time when many media organizations face financial constraints, the grant program is setup to encourage media personnel and organizations to develop innovative ideas that could help change the Niger Delta narrative.

Grant Thematic Areas

The grants are aimed at sharing successful development models and approaches, lessons from the experiences of PIND and partners in the region, highlighting key figures or innovations promoting pro-poor development in the region, and promoting advocacy and awareness on key issues limiting economic development and peacebuilding in the region.

Grants will only apply to concepts around the Niger Delta and the following thematic areas.

  • Gender ( and economic development (
  • Agricultural sectors (palm oil, cassava, aquaculture, cocoa, poultry) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development and promoting Appropriate Technology in the region (
  • Peacebuilding and conflict resolution as key elements for the Niger Delta development (
  • Capacity building for diversifying resources for socio-economic development (

Click on the thematic areas to get more details and story ideas.

Types of Media Grant Projects

  • Special Report
    N250, 000 (research travels logistics, writing and publishing or broadcasting)
  • Media Campaigns for a specified period
    N725, 000 (content research, development and production/writing and airing/publishing)
  • Media Outreach/Stakeholder Events and Orientations for a specified period
    N600, 000 (event logistics, materials, promotions, documentation)


We are seeking professional communicators who are passionate about peace building and economic development in the Niger Delta:

  • Media organizations and Associations
  • Print Journalists
  • TV Journalists
  • Radio journalists
  • Online Journalists/Social Media Influencers

Preference will be given to applicants with deep understanding of PIND’s mission and how their work can support this and also those with good knowledge of and presence in the Niger Delta development context.

Application Deadline: 11:59 WAT 15 December 2018.


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